June 12, 2017

Taylor to Love

As a photographer, I am always excited to meet new and energetic couples. This week, I want to highlight a special couple: Torrie and Charles.

 This particular couple is more than just clients; they are very dear friends of mines. Torrie was my college roommate and former band mate. I remember when she met her future soon-to-be husband, Charles. Well, let me begin this story of these lovebirds from their beginning:

” It was February 14, 2015- a cliché, of course, to meet someone on Valentine’s Day, but it happened. I’m not sure if it was love at first sight; but it was definitely something there. I received a call from Torrie telling me about this guy she met. I never heard Torrie talk about a guy so passionately. At that moment, I knew this might be that One. Throughout the year, Torrie fell head over heels in love with his spirit and the way he loved her wholeheartedly. In December 2015 Torrie sent me a picture of a ring. You would have thought it was an engagement ring; but it turned out to be a promise ring. He had promised to love her unconditionally.  I told her the next ring will be an engagement ring. She was utterly in denial with the thought of wedding bells. She didn’t want to get her hopes up on the possibility of marriage. She was engaged before, but it left her heartbroken and doubtful. Little did she know God had other plans for her life. Fast forward to December 2016, I received a call from Torrie; however, I couldn’t answer it, because I was in a photo session. When I got back to my car, I checked my text message before calling her back. Lo and behold, it was a picture of a ring. Not just any ring, but in fact her engagement ring. I screamed and quickly called her back. I was overexcited. It was a journey to get here and I was happy for her. She had found her true love in Charles. I was delighted, when she asked me to capture her big day.”

The photos you see above display their story of love, devotion, and faith.

Cheers to this wonderful couple: Torrie and Charles. The love you have for each one is magical and spiritually guided by God.


Wedding Date: June 23, 2018

Wedding Location: TBA

Wedding Planner: Divine Design


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